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6 PACK :$60.00

( Package includes 6 wipes )

+ SHİPPİNG $5.00


Indulge in the fresh and exotic scent of pineapple with our unisex "Pineapple" MW X-Wipes.

Our special blend of natural oils captures the essence of this tropical fruit, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

At MW X-Wipes, we believe that your skin deserves only the best. That's why our wipes are formulated to be gentle and sensitive, making them safe for daily use.

Our wipes are free from harmful substances, ensuring that you can enjoy their refreshing scent without any worries.

Experience the ultimate in freshness and vitality with our "Pineapple" MW X-Wipes.

Order your pack today and let the invigorating scent of pineapple transport you to a tropical paradise.

What are MW X-Wipes?

"MW X-Wipes is a specially formulated natural genital hygiene solution.

Open the package and use the moistened wipes to clean the external genitalia for both men and women.”


**Single use**

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